The Healing Journey: An Observation

Whatever the path I choose to take on my Healing Journey,
it is my path to choose and to take.
My path is unique because I am unique
and is therefore not subject to opinion.
I accept that I will make mistakes on this journey
for which there is no map and no direction;
No easy or quick way "out" or "through".
I will have difficult days.
I will fall short of my expectations
and the expectations of those whom I love.
I will lose my way.
But I will find my way back.
I will recover and learn from my mistakes
I will have wonderful days that counter the difficult.
I will chart my course and direction.
I will exceed my expectations,
while discovering that those whom I love
also love me - in return and without condition;
Expecting nothing more from me than I am able to give.
And while I know that the Healing Journey is a process,
as long as I am moving forward
Slowly…Determinedly…Resolutely…and with purpose;
The Healing Journey is not simply a process
It is also
A promise.
--Carole Brody Fleet