Friday, July 31, 2015

Opening a New Door

To be honest, I wasn't entirely confident it was the right time for me to retire, but I now have no doubt whatsoever that it was absolutely the right time. I've been busy! Too busy for a job!

Lots of traveling - Camp Widow in Tampa, a beautiful Florida wedding of two dear widowed friends, Sister Camp in the Ozarks, Handmade U in Nebraska, Whimsical Women in Costa Rica. Mixed in there was some heavy work updating the Widowed Village website and moving 2500+ blogs from the Widow's Voice site to the new Soaring Spirits website, along with the monthly postings of all of our regional group meetings on two websites. I was so busy, it didn't feel like I was retired at all.

And that concerned me.

I had the Camp Widows in San Diego and Toronto to prepare for and attend, but the second half of 2015 was going to be much quieter. Would that be a good thing for me? Would I revert back to the cocooning I used to do on the weekends?  I wasn't sure.

And then I heard from Melody Ross ... yeah, THE Melody Ross, Brave Girl extraordinaire!!!  And she wanted me to join her new adventure BRAVE GIRL UNIVERSITY as a mentor/teacher for widowed Brave Girls.  If you know me really well, you know my self-confidence could use some work. So having Melody seek me out felt really, really good. Could I do this? I think so. Did I want to do this? YES!

The package with all of the details arrived the day before I flew off to San Diego for Camp Widow. Initial course content is due August 15. I don't have a website, I don't have any prepared content. Is this even possible? So I asked Melody & Kathy if there was any wiggle room to have my content come on after the September 1st debut. And they said 'yes'!

Brave Girl University (BGU) is going to be amazing. It will include Melody's Soul School courses along with the addition of an incredible community of teachers offering their art and life classes. If this piques your interest, please click on the photo below to 'save your spot' to see what is in store on September 1st. No obligation by clicking and adding your email address; it will just show that you learned about BGU from me. I hope you'll join me there!