Saturday, January 1, 2022

I'm ready for you 2022

I haven't written here for nearly two years. Wow. This blog was such an important part of my life after Vern's death. It helped me immensely to write about all I was feeling and experiencing, but it also helped that my words could possibly help others on their grief journey. I've been living my new life with Jim during these crazy pandemic years and writing just didn't make it onto my 'to do' list. 2019 was a very full year for Jim & I and yet I didn't write anything in my blog. I think it probably was because I wasn't sure how my new life would be received by my widowed followers.

But last month I saw a post on Facebook of the Top 60 Widow Blogs and my blog was actually mentioned. Sure was surprised at that but it did make me think maybe it was time to start writing again. So today is a start. Not sure where it will lead. I may change the name ... or perhaps just start a new blog. I do think I'll keep this old blog so I can read back from time to time - and I also think newly widowed people may get some reassurance that they aren't alone in all they are feeling and experiencing by starting at the beginning of my blog. We'll see how that all works out.

I've selected a Word of the Year since 2012 but I completely missed 2021. No record that I even contemplated a word. I'm thinking perhaps 'Pause' would have been a good word for this past year. We thought things were going to return to 'normal' after 2020 and yet they didn't. Hockey was on hold and then it came back in bits and pieces. Travel was difficult and best to put off to another time. It was a year for some reflection as I hit 70 and it also was the year Jim & I got married! Yes, the same gal who was so adamant that she would never ever date or re-partner is now married. And very happy.

So this is my word for 2022 ... 

I used the Dayspring quiz again ( It's Christian-based, so it may not be for everyone, but it's worked quite well for me each year that I've used it. You answer some questions and it gives you a word. When I looked up the definition of fulfilled it felt like a most perfect word for me this year. I look forward to feeling AND providing happiness and satisfaction this year ... and to writing about all of the things this year will hold.

If you're interested in picking your own Word of the Year, here's some links that may be helpful: