Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vern would be pleased

I didn't end up going out at all last weekend ... in spite of my vow to stop cocooning ... but this has turned into a really good week. 
  • Had a very, very busy work week, so those 4 days just flew by. Still some tears here and there, but much improvement on that note.
  • I'm continuing with my Tuesday night yoga and so enjoy my time there. The last two sessions were a bit more of a workout (this fat ol' body of mine has difficulty doing the inchworm without fear of smashing my face into the floor), but the instructor says my tree is excellent! 
  • Joined my online bereavement group pals Thursday evening and continue to get so much from those 90 minutes. Such very special people.
  • A co-worker/caregiver/friend invited me to breakfast on Friday and it was a simply marvelous time. We talked non-stop for 2-1/2 hours about husbands, kids, friends, doctors, cancer, chemo, work, change ... and I do believe Vern spoke through her when I shared the big decision I've been battling. She looked me straight in the eyes and said that I need to think about what is best for me and not how everyone else might react and it was a real 'lightbulb' moment for me. That might sound rather simplistic, but it's something I struggle with so hearing her say it out loud helped me make my decision.  Bless you, Linda.
  • And today was my first hike in Red Rock Canyon with a great group of people. It was a lovely morning in a beautiful place and was a really good work-out for me. I had to stop a couple of times in the middle of a climb to catch my breath, but since I've not done any exercising for a long time I'm grateful I didn't keel over! I will be hiking again.
And tomorrow starts a new week. It is my love's birthday ... he would have been 70 ... I miss him.


Barbara said...

Hi Diane... it has been helpful for me to read your blog.. I disconntinued my myeloma blog and have started a new one

Lora Conrad said...

Yes indeed, Vern would be very proud of you. You're taking the bull (life) by the horn and confronting it. Whatever decisions you make are the right ones for that moment or until the next decision. Keep on keeping on! You're in my thoughts and prayers daily and I'm proud of you, too!! xoxo Lora

Boo said...

I'm sure Vern is proud of you. I know I am. Please listen to your intuition and don't push yourself too hard. And another thing ... you're allowed to change your mind and not go to yoga and things like that, you know ;-) They will understand, and if they don't they aren't very nice :-)

Well done, seriously, I think you are doing marvellously, but do rest as well xxx

Susie Hemingway said...

Such a wonderfully positive post this week. A delight to read and so encouraging for me. I am delighted to read how well you are doing but I understand fully how sometimes days unfold with more sadness than others and there seems no explanation for that!
I am so happy you are enjoying yoga something I have done for many years although in recent months I have been a little lazy, I will now get back to it in earnest! Blessings dear Dianne on this very special day as you remember your darling man with so much love. I will be thinking of you and offering-up a prayer. x

Lori Puente said...

Warm hugs Dianne. An inspiration you are.