Thursday, May 24, 2018

Blessings from Little People

When you're feeling a bit low and in need of a pick-me-up may I suggest you find a way to start your day in an elementary classroom.  I guess I should clarify that ... as a GUEST in an elementary classroom. I was married to a teacher for 41 years so I do know the daily life of a teacher often doesn't feel like a "pick-me-up".  But these kids 💗  ... they sure know how to make you feel special and loved. And I don't often get to have that blessing in my life.

I entered this 3rd grade classroom to wonderful exclamations of "Miss Dianne!" I had visited with them only once 3 months ago and was so pleasantly surprised they remembered me. I explained a little bit about what SoulBooks are and read some of the words and quotes I had chosen to include in their books. And then I handed each book out one at a time and received a lovely hug from each of these very special children. 


The reactions to their books touched me deeply. They really loved that their name was on the cover. And some were even exclaiming over the specific duct tape I had used to bind their book. Others liked the page colors and asked how I had made the books. Catherine, their teacher, asked them to choose their favorite quote from their book and they took turns sharing them (most were unable to limit themselves to just one quote). They loved that I had included a photo of their teacher in the book - and also some photos from my first visit with them - and that I had left space for them to add things to their books.

I was asked to again read the book I had read to them during Reading Week (You! by Sandra Magsamen) that fits in beautifully with the words in their SoulBooks. And then I was asked to sit in the 'hot seat'. Now this is a hot seat I wouldn't mind sitting in daily.  The children took turns saying something kind to me. Each and every one of them.  Oh. my. heart.

Each of these students is so very special, but there is one that I connected with during my first visit because we share a love for the Vegas Golden Knights and our goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury. Levi was able to meet Marc-Andre at one of the team practices and Catherine had shared a couple of photos of that with me. I included those photos and a Golden Knights logo sticker in Levi's book and he was thrilled. He shared with me that he's hoping to play on two hockey teams this next year. Perhaps one day this special little boy will be a Golden Knight himself!

And a final little God-wink occurred during my visit when I learned that one of the teachers who had dropped by while I was in the 'hot seat' had worked for Vern at the Orleans Arena. It is always so wonderful when someone shares that they knew my guy.

So while my procrastination caused me to stay up all night finishing these special little books, I cannot think of a better way I could have spent my time. I dozed a bit while at the hair salon after leaving the school and came home to try to purchase tickets to the first Stanley Cup Final home game during the special presale (but was not successful). Tomorrow will find me at the DMV renewing my drivers license and then .... it will be time for my first date in 49 years. Gah!  It's just a dinner ... it's just a dinner ... it's just a dinner .........

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Marci said...

Dianne you are just good people all the way around! So excited to hear about your date!!!