Thursday, December 27, 2012

Word for the Year

I've never been very successful with my New Year resolutions; stopped doing them years ago. But earlier this year I selected a word for the year ... just one word to keep in mind as a sort of intention for the year. My word for 2012 was Brave ... and it really was a brave year for me. Perhaps not risky brave, but I did things that were hard for me, things that I had put off, things way outside my comfort zone. Here's my list:
  • Emptied storage shed full of memories
  • Went alone to a show at the Smith Center when a friend cancelled at the last moment
  • Flew to Charleston, stayed at a B&B for first time, toured the city alone
  • Drove from Charleston to Myrtle Beach for Camp Widow East
  • Drove Vern's Mustang to San Diego for Camp Widow West
  • Visited our special Crystal Pier (this one wasn't too successful, but at least I did it)
  • Attended Brave Girl Camp!
  • Went to Dr. Gollard's office
  • Drove to Big Bear for a widow's retreat and ziplined while there
  • Decorated my Christmas tree
  • And today ... I finally cleared off Vern's side of the bed
The bed thing might take some explaining. I slept in Vern's hospital bed or his recliner out in the family room for 2 months after he died. And when I finally decided I could venture into our big king-size bed, I had to pile stuff up on his side in order to stay in there. Yep ... that stuff has stayed there for over 2 years.Tonight will be my first time sleeping in that big bed without something alongside me to hold on to. Now that's brave.

Think I need to add another bullet to my list:
  • I've survived another year without my love
So I'm thinking my word for 2013 is going to be Believe. I do believe that next year will be a good one for me. I believe that I will finally get this house cleared out and create the space I need and deserve to live in. I believe that I will begin to eat healthy, start walking, lose weight, get more sleep. I believe that I will make a difference. That's a pretty good start, don't ya think?


Karen Jensen said...

I would call 2012 your "brave" year. I'm very impressed by the many things you stepped forward and did! I really like that you drove his car to San Diego. Fact is, I like everything you did. For those of us who haven't lost a companion, I know we don't realize just how brave you were this year. I believe you'll do even better in 2013. Congratulations!

Janet Joehlin said...

I am so proud of you. And I believe in you too. BELIEVE is a great word for next year!

LindaLou said...

I to Dianne am going to Believe..I am going to believe there is happiness in my future and maybe just maybe my very own wee place where I can be me. I Believe I will make a difference in other widows or widowers lives! I Believe God is watching over us and holding or hands as we walk through the Sister Of Widowhood!

Kerrie said...

I believe in you Dianne. I think that is a wonderful list and a great new word for 2013. Wishing you all the best in the New Year and many, many blessings.

Barbara said...

Yup. You nailed it Dianne. Happy new year

Unknown said...

Hello DIanne... so love you... so much. xo