Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree ....

Well ... I really did think I was going to get the tree up this past weekend. I was out and about on Friday, meeting a friend for breakfast and joining my Brave Girl campmate in the afternoon for some art and conversation (oh, and a little wine, too).  I felt good ... energized, ready to face all that the holiday does to me. I actually even thought about putting up TWO trees! I asked Jer to bring in our old tree and ornaments, and I planned to head out Saturday to purchase a new clear light tree for the Brave Girl ornaments.

And then the stomach flu hit and I didn't leave the house until returning to work Monday morning.I felt physically ill and then added some emotional illness to that by spending Saturday reading through my CaringBridge journal. Sometimes you just need to let the tears flow.  And I decided I was being a bit overzealous with the idea of two trees. What on earth was I thinking? My old tree and box of memories remain in the storage shed.

I had posted in here that I would put up a tree. And I added a comment about it on my Facebook page, too. Oh the pressure!  Well, the flu was my excuse for not getting it done over the weekend, but now I needed to face this challenge. I had to stop by Big Lots on the way home from work to purchase some ornaments for our office tree and I decided to pick up one of those cheap trees with white lights so I could just get this done. I pulled the $25 tree out of the box when I got home and started laughing. Oh boy. This is a very sad looking thing, isn't it?

I nearly put it back in the box to return it, but decided to try fluffing up the branches and it has started to look a little better. And I have some garland to add and those wonderful Brave Girl ornaments, so maybe this will turn out ok after all. And working on the tree isn't making me sad. Perhaps buying this sad little tree was the right thing to do. It has given me something to care about.

It's now 11pm and time for me to head to bed, so I'll finish it up tomorrow. I'll post a photo of the finished product, I promise. It's a step forward, regardless of how sad or happy the tree ends up looking. 


Maria said...

The tree is beautiful. Cry those tears out because there is happy JOY behind them! I know it!

Kerrie said...

I love it and it is the kind of tree that you need just now! Love and think of you all the time. And Vern would want you to go on and especially to celebrate the birth of Jesus in whatever way you are comfortable with. You are a trooper! Hugs, K

Julie O'Brien said...

Awwww, it's a Charlie Brown tree! I think you need lots and lots of garland and glitter in BG colors. I put up two little trees rather than a big one whenever I'm going to be at my house over Christmas. Ted was never terribly excited about Christmas or Christmas trees. He would only come up with one thing for his Christmas list with list of people needing to buy for him. I'd come up with a gift list for him to give to my family and sometimes to his. But I still dread the holidays. A lot of important things happened to us between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2006. Lots of memories to think about.

Glad you're feeling better.