Saturday, June 11, 2011

My evening with Paul

It's been a good couple of days. There are still tears - but they aren't tears of despair. They are tears of missing Vern and I know those will be with me forever. I accept that.

There is a sacredness to tears.
They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief...
and unspeakable love.
~Washington Irving

Friday night was spent with Paul ... Paul McCartney, that is!  What a wonderful evening that was; such a personal concert, like he was just up there singing to a bunch of his friends. Some special memories came with some of the songs - "And I love her" and "Let it be" brought some tears. We had a conversation-packed dinner first and really great seats for the concert. Such a nice evening with my good friend, Deb.

I met my caregiver friend/co-worker for breakfast again this morning. I always enjoy my time with Linda - we have such good conversations - and it was a nice start to my Saturday. Spent a little time pulling weeds in the front yard and chatting with a neighbor. Also spent time watching a couple of movies today. Cried over The Lovely Bones and then just had to (try to) watch 2001: A Space Odyssey.  I still don't get it, but Vern loved that movie. That was the first movie Vern & I saw at the drive-in back in 1969 ... and I fell asleep during  most of it. Amazing that he stayed interested in me after that. Whenever he'd notice it was playing on TV he'd make a comment that I wouldn't have any trouble falling asleep that night. And, yes, I did doze off during it today. I'll bet he was smiling.

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jaloysisus said...

What a lovely bit of yourself you shared here, Dianne. How fortunate you were to attend that Paul McCartney. "Let it be" has always been one of my favorite songs. And that poem about tears says it all, doesn't it. Tears that open, tears that close.